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Dumagat Remontados are lowlanders who were forced to live in the mountains when the Spaniards colonized the Philippines. Many of them settled in the Sierra Madre ranges including Tanay, Rizal. The community in Sitio Rawang and Macantog has been offgrid and un-electrified with around 200 families only using kerosene lamps, car batteries or candles. Their livelihood are sawali (bamboo weaving) and charcoal making. We were introduced to the community in 2018 through a Facebook message from the former principal of Rawang Elementary School (RES). Since then, we have been reaching out to the community in their electrification and education. RES and the community champions are our lead hosts for the community.

Profile and Challenges

Difficult to access due to mountainous terrain and no concrete roads.
Energy Access
Energy Access
People use batteries for a fee of P30/charge or kerosene lamps for P10/day.
Clean Water
Clean Water
Deep wells and rivers are dried in hot seasons. Water delivery costs P30/slim container.
Communication Signal
Communication Signal
There are no network signal and internet in the area.
Source of Income
Source of Income
Main livelihood is sawali making which is seasonal. Average family income is around P5,000/month.


Solar Hub

To establish solar hubs focused on livelihood as our follow-up project after household electrification. Solar Hubs are community cooperatives sustained and empowered by solar-powered equipment and technologies.

Ingram COVID-19 Initiatives

To provide financial support to our adopted communities through a P100k grant from Ingram Micro.

Tanglaw Concert 2019

To raise funds for solar lanterns for Dumagat families through a benefit gig and fundraising concert.

Tanglaw Batch 2

To light 170 homes with solar home systems in Sitio Rawang and its nearby communities to help them cope with the pandemic and distance learning of education.

Tanglaw Batch 1

To light 69 homes with solar lanterns to Bajaos, Dumagats and Mangyan communities to help them in their day-to-day activities and livelihood.


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