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Sama-Bajaos are Sea Gypsies and fishermen whose culture and lifestyle are centered on the open seas. Some Bajao families from Mindanao settled in Isla Noah, Batangas around 1980. But due to climate change and strong typhoon in 2006, the small island they were living before is now submerged which forced the locals to move in Malitam, Batangas. Bajaos in Malitam is around 260 families. At first, our main project is electrification but due to their land issue (informal settlers), we shifted our focus on helping the community in their education and finding a home they could call their own. Malitam Elementary School and Sahaya Ministries are our lead hosts for the community.

Profile and Challenges

They have early marriage and no family planning. An average family consists of 6-10 members.
Land Issue
Land Issue
They have been informal settlers for 40+ years and has no proper waste management.
Basic Literacy
Basic Literacy
They lack basic literacy, arithmetic and technical skills. Many children don’t go to school due to hunger, discrimination or need to work.
Jumper Connection
Jumper Connection
They have an average of 15-17 houses in 1 electric meter. They are paying a fixed amount of P200/appliance.
Low Self Esteem
Low Self Esteem
They have lost their identity and self-confidence. Many resolve to begging in the urban areas.


Enlighten: Earth Hour Event

To conduct a DIY Solar Lamp workshop among young professionals and students and Environmental Awareness. Created solar lamps was given to Bajao community.

BasuRun 2019

To have a clean-up drive and environmental awareness through BasuRUN 2019 in the Bajao community.

Project Sahaya

To uplift the lives of the Bajaos in Malitam, Batangas through building a resilient, inclusive, sustainable and empowered community.

Ingram COVID-19 Initiatives

To provide financial support to our adopted communities through a P100k grant from Ingram Micro.

Tanglaw Batch 1

To light 69 homes with solar lanterns to Bajaos, Dumagats and Mangyan communities to help them in their day-to-day activities and livelihood.


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