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Sitio Balon is a home to 25 Dumagat Remontados families in Calawis, Antipolo. They are living in the mountains and are used to farming of root crops and banana. Some are working as construction workers/vendors. It is near Mt. Purro. The community relies only on car batteries, kerosene lamps and candles for their energy. We were introduced in the community in 2020 through a partnership with ATECo and WGC. Aside from lighting their homes, we are also looking to support their cooperative through solar hub.

Profile and Challenges

Difficulty to access due to mountainous terrain and requires 1 hour trekking.
Energy Access
Energy Access
People only use car batteries, kerosene lamps and candles.
Source of Income
Source of Income
People are farmers of corn, banana, sweet potato but they struggle to market their crops.
They have just started to establish a cooperative and needs training and support.
No near healthcare available and lack of basic medicines.


Tanglaw 4 Every Juan

Tanglaw 4 Every Juan aims to light 400 more homes in Dumagat Families in Rizal.

Solar Hub

To establish solar hubs focused on livelihood as our follow-up project after household electrification. Solar Hubs are community cooperatives sustained and empowered by solar-powered equipment and technologies.

Tanglaw Batch 3

To light 273 homes with solar home systems in 3 communities: Calawis, Mangyan and Caniogan to help them cope with the pandemic.


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